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A guide for cool travellers


Into the deep blue: take a dip in the waters of Lake Garda, immerge yourself in the wonder of it all.


48 hours totally natural: the beauty of the horizons and nature will enchant you with parks, trails and amazing views.


Two days of detox for wellbeing and energy, to get back into 5 star shape.


Roman baths and horseback rides through the vineyards, guided by a local wine, famous the world over.


Freedom to choose. Below we propose various horizons or visions, but there’s absolutely no regime. You’re free to choose from the many options, following your own sense of style.


Places that have made history, retracing the footsteps of Virgil, Goethe and Lawrence, protagonists of a modern grand tour 2.0.

Taste the Best

Simply the best. Pampering you as only the top “Made in Italy” hotels can.

Constant Curiosity

Tactile design, talents, surreal shops or vintage glimpses, for ambience hackers, contemporary explorers with the eyes of an artist in search of the latest “like”.


People and the reality of the carefully curated Garda lifestyle, pieces that complete the mosaic.


Let's go shopping! Locally, in historic centres, fashion boutiques, malls; the Lake’s shops offer a tailor-made and invariably cool experience.

Food Couture

“Food Couture” is poetry, provocation, where “food is fashion”, becoming a symbolic element that tells of the emotions of a landscape, articulating them in a multisensory experience.


Visionary force to express in images intense moments, places replete with stories, perspectives that cover the full spectrum of experience.

On the Road

Meditations on a theme, as every true trip should be, against the current and with the flow, to discover the true off-Lake.


To not stop looking …

This guide is a journey by pictures. As a non-verbal language capable of reaching all cultures, it is our way to communicate the beauty of this place.

I took some pictures.
I photographed instead of talking.
I photographed to not forget.

To not stop looking.
Daniel Pennac

A journey that is an experience to be shared online, where the web becomes a vehicle for exploring a world that, although virtual, conveys emotion.

A journey “to taste”, be immersed in the colours of the lake, get your hands dirty, smell the scents, hum to the music.

A journey in stages, for those with little time to waste, for contemporary travellers, looking for recommendations and advice, with 48h available or more, and the desire to enjoy the fullness of freedom to choose. The essence of travel.

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