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Tactile design, talents, surreal shops or vintage glimpses, for ambience hackers, contemporary explorers with the eyes of an artist in search of the latest “like”.


Under the colourful houses that make up the lakefront in the town of ‘Villa di Gargnano’, the small studio of Sabine Frank, entitled ‘Studio Pane’, plays a symbolic role. The German painter’s work is accented with references to bread, but also to lemons and roses, containers of water and wine, all typical of Garda, which is at the centre of her symbolic universe.

Studio Pane di Sabine Frank, in piazza Villa 12 a Villa di Gargnano http://www.sabine-frank.de/


‘Atelier Laura Stella’ tells a centuries old story of superior craftsmanship in corsetry. Original numbered models from the 1700s to the early 1900s, such as the “Bustier”, were once extremely fashionable for women who wanted to “give form” to their bodies, reduce their waistlines or silhouettes, mainly for special occasions. If the Hollywood stars of today just knew ...

Laura Stella Atelier, Strada San Giacomo di sotto 1, Corte dei Leoni, 25010 Pozzolengo (BS) www.laurastella.it


Nature's gold, saffron (Crocus Sativus), is absolutely the most expensive food product by weight. You can find some at the ‘Agricola Al Muràs’ estate at the foot of the Castle of Pozzolengo. A certified organic product which is collected and processed completely by hand and sold in the form of pure stigmas. A perfect souvenir for yourself or closest friends.

Azienda Agricola Al Muràs, via Morazzo, 3, Pozzolengo (BS), Tel. 030 91 81 88, info@zafferanodipozzolengo.it - www.zafferanodipozzolengo.it

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